As we stood

With our arms around eachother

As we kissed

What we felt

My soul could melt

Like we touched

Like we laughed

How you held my hand

This was like a walk in the sand

We went apart

Knowing that was the start

That was the truth...

I missed you

You missed me

Then we met with a hug

It felt like a drug

In the dark

In your place near the park

You wanted me

We knew what to do

We did it

And you finally said ”I love you”

Well it’s not always what it seems

Cause’ that was just in my dreams...

Postat av: Sania

Roligt att se fler som skriver dikter! Denna var vacker och lätt. Jag tycker att den var väldigt fin, även om jag skriver raka motsatsen!

Ha en fin kväll!

2012-10-28 @ 00:33:06
URL: http://saniasunshine.blogg.se

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